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Thoughts on the Inauguration and MLK’s birthday.

Yeah, I’ve been watching the Inauguration coverage. Although I do not agree with many of Pres. Obama’s policies, I watched as an American– out of respect for the man and the office he holds.

I’m sure that Martin Luther King Jr. would be happy to see the 1st black president as a realization of his Dream. At the same time I’m sure that the Dreamer would not be satisfied. I think of the words of MLK about the importance of judging a man on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. While I cannot claim to fully know the president’s character, I know that he supports policies that are unjust such as the murder of innocent children through abortion. The president doesn’t seem to have the concept that all men are created equal from the moment of their conception in their mother’s womb. It seems to me that Martin Luther King would be highly opposed to the abortion expansion supported by Pres. Obama. From this perspective, I think it’s rather unfortunate that the Inauguration is on MLK Day because it actually obscures the legacy. All that being said, I’ve enjoyed watching the inaugural festivities.

Tomorrow I think I’ll write my criticism of the President’s inaugural address. But not right now… I’m busy watching the inaugural ball.

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