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What I’ve been up to.

Dear readers,  or should I say, reader, or is it more accurate to say chirping crickets? No matter, I’m here to continue this blog. It’s been about more than a year since I’ve posted anything substantial here but there is so much that I could/can possibly write about. I’ve never really tried to blog about something I  especially enjoy doing, watching movies. Well, maybe I’ve tried once or twice. Anyway, I have been busy making excuses and neglecting to renew my domain name and directing it to my hosting provider to really care. But the more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m supposed to be writing and sharing my thoughts… so here I am. I’m officially back to blogging, even if nobody reads my stuff anymore.

A little bit about what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks: well 1st of all I have been enjoying the Winter Olympics. All of the preparation, training, and perseverance that athletes put into getting ready make watching the Olympics worth paying attention to. I have to admit that I am something of an Olympics junkie… but I don’t watch curling, because, well, I don’t really get it. That’s probably true of pretty much everybody. Does anybody get curling and how is it a sport? But I digress. Something else I’ve been doing is getting ready to launch a new project with a friend of mine. We both have muscular dystrophy and have similar experiences. We’re both Catholic, live in the Washington metropolitan area, and we both made pilgrimages to Lourdes. The name of our project Is Signs of Contradiction, a video podcast and blog, located at www.signsofcontra.wordpress.com. Yeah, just like the game but with real life flame throwers, fighting real-life monsters. Or something like that. And another thing I’ve been up to: I’ve been taking a philosophy class! It’s really fun! No, really!

What will I do next, God willing? Watch the Oscar awards, and of course, keep blogging. Thanks for reading!

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    1. Last week we read the end of chapter 6 and beginning of chapter 7 of Plato’s Republic. Are you familiar with the allegory of the cave? Everything visible is a shadow of the invisible, greater reality. It’s very interesting. Kinda reminds me of The Matrix!

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