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Latest Battle as Iron Man

Back from battle. Somewhere along the fight, I became Iron Man. Actually, I was told I was tougher… I almost lost my life along the way. However, I received supernatural power to get through it even though at times I felt like giving up and giving in to defeat. How could I not will to live if God wills me to live? And, apparently, He does. It was he who gave me the ability to fight and actively will to live. Besides, as my little sister reminded me, “you can’t hurt steel.” The battle was against an adversary I had underestimated.

Last Thursday, I went cardiac arrest and was rushed to the ER. Before getting my pacemaker, it happened two more times. It was a scary experience, to say the least. My time in the hospital started off with several tortures, to which I was subjected – from a muted Friends marathon on the TV while I waited to be admitted, to some nurses who couldn’t understand me due to an inflated cuff (they couldn’t read my lips), an IV gone wrong, and a difficult procedure. Miraculously, I came home on Sunday against all odds, including the ICU doctor… I talked him into letting me be discharged. He later told me, “Harold, you won. You should have gone to law school.”

I would be so grateful for your continued prayers. God bless you.

“I’m Iron Man, no die-cast metal, I’m steel-alloy” – GFK

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