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Year of St. Joseph: Totally Consecrated to Mary

About two years ago now, my friend Scott got me charged about making a consecration to St. Joseph. At that time, there was no real preparation leading up to it so we did the best we could using prayers found online. The idea of belonging completely to Mother Mary and St. Joseph, and having them as spiritual parents, appealed to us.

It is worth asking why anyone should consider consecrating oneself. The first answer that immediately comes to mind is that Jesus himself freely chose to be consecrated to Mary and St. Joseph by entrusting his very person to them. He became totally dependent on them. It is befitting that anyone in whom Christ lives would want to do the same, especially in order to to conform and identify with him.

Loving Jesus as much as possible… This is the ideal, this is the goal.

Consecration increases our love for Jesus. Among creatures, whoever loved Jesus more than his own mother, Mary? By being consecrated to Mary, we enter into her own love for Jesus – – we give everything we have to her and she in return gives everything of hers to us, including her love. Far from, “getting in the way,” Mary facilitates and increases love for God because she shares her love with us and allows us to participate in it. There’s much to be meditated upon regarding this point, but the weakness of my words has to suffice for now.

If I want to love Mary even more, I want to have the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus within my soul because no one can love her more than he does. And to widen the circle, I want to love Mary with the heart of St. Joseph, so chaste and pure. Among “mere” men, nobody loved Mary more than St. Joseph.

Our Lady wants us to have a great love for St. Joseph. By loving him more, we love Mary more and love Jesus all the more. It’s all reciprocal… Our love for each of the members of the Holy Family increases and grows in this way.

it cannot be emphasized enough: St. Joseph was and is most dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, more than all the Marian Saints combined! The love we have for St. Joseph increases our love for Mary. She’s pleased by our love for her holy husband Joseph. And St. Joseph teaches us how to love  Mary as he did. The more we love her, the more we love Jesus.

He was totally consecrated to Mary. He took her into his heart and home. He lived and died for Mary and Jesus.

St. Joseph is the great “Marian secret,” who reveals to us the means of great holiness by being consecrated to Mary, and to Jesus through her.

St. Joseph teaches us how to act chivalrously towards her. To do great things for her, and through her, for Jesus. He teaches us how to treat her as a Queen, which she is. We will want to do as she asks at Fatima, giving her everything, as an act of love and reparation, saving souls.

Thanks be to God for St. Joseph as a great means of attaining deeper love for him!

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