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Beginning Again and St. Mary Major

Beginning again, always beginning again, persevering to the end. That’s what it’s all about, not relying on our own strength because then we will just end up making a grand mess. I have felt like I just cannot go on, several days, hours and minutes, this week. But she keeps telling me to keep going and that she is always there rooting for me… Yes, I mean this of my physical mother but also, even more, of my spiritual mother, Mary. I have given myself over completely to her, for the expansion of the kingdom of Her Son, for the greatest glory of God possible, and she doesn’t take, “no,” or “I can’t” for an answer. She always takes us back to him who is always eager to take us back. She inspires me to keep going, cheering me on along with the rest of the heavenly cloud of witnesses.

Today is the dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, in Rome. It’s one of the biggest Marian Shrines in the world. This church was dedicated shortly after the Council of Ephesus (431 A.D.) which proclaimed Mary as the Mother of God. This doctrine and dogma, safeguards the Divinity of Christ – – Jesus is God and Mary was his mother, therefore Mary is the Mother of God. As the story goes, a miraculous snowfall in August indicated the place where the church was to be built. She is the pure temple of God, where he was pleased to reside for nine months. And she wants us to be pure temples of God where he may take up residence. What a beautiful temple she is, adorned with all kinds of virtues shining like jewels. There is never any holding back with her – – Mary is so virtuous and therefore she helps us to live virtuously as she did on earth. And that’s why I know she will never leave me and bring all who trust in her, and given to us by God for this very reason, to lead us safely to the shore where Christ will be all in all.

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