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Jesus the Perfect Love which drives out fear

Epiphany Week, Day 4

A meditation on today’s readings.

Today Jesus manifests himself as the Perfect Love which casts out all fear. God has stepped into our world as symbolized by the boat in our gospel reading. From afar off, he sees his disciples tossed about At sea. He walks out on the sea towards them. Jesus is God and has mastery over his creature the sea; he is order over the chaos. And he commands the wind, which is stilled by his very presence.

So many things, so many troubles that beset us. We are terrified and cry out for rescue. He is only one who can save us from the consequences of sin and death, the root cause of our fears. He comes to us, behold on the sea. The Word speaks, he says, “Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid!” The Lord is in our midst, of what shall we be afraid? He steps into our boat: let the King of glory enter! He comes to rescue us, don’t let him pass by!

Jesus steps into our boat and brings with him, not a Spirit of fear or cowardice but a Spirit of power and of love and self-control. He comes to bring order to our chaos within and all around. By the acknowledgment of faith that Jesus is the Son of God, God remains with us in our little boat and we in him. In this way, the God who is Love abides in us and drives out fear. Perfect love and fear cannot coexist together any more than oil and water. And so we cry out, “Jesus, I trust in you, come step into my boat and save me from my troubles by casting out my fears.And then, help us to love in and through your love.” Let us make good on his wonderful manifestation in the flesh!

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