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FB Post on St. Joseph

Post on St. Joseph

Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph!

Second to the blessed Virgin Mary, no human person ever loved Jesus more than St. Joseph. Jesus made himself dependent on St. Joseph and depended on him for his very survival on this earth. Sometimes life can seem scary, without any certainty about how it’s all going to turn out exactly. But St. Joseph shows us how to depend on Divine Providence, to put trust in God’s love, as a child resting in the Father. His dependence on God made him a sitting earthly father for Jesus. St. Paul says in Ephesians that all fatherhood comes from God. God is the Father give him a share in his own fatherhood. St. Joseph lived well, he suffered well, worked well, loved well. Everything he did was to a heroic degree. Above all, he died well. He teaches us to live well that we may die well and he teaches us how to die well that we may live well. At the end of a life lived well in the company of Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph had the privilege of dying in their arms. They entrusted themselves to him and he entrusted himself to them. You can’t go wrong by entrusting yourself to St. Joseph. whenever I feel apprehensive and cannot see clearly I am almost immediately comforted when I go to St. Joseph. I highly recommend doing the same – – – go to Joseph!

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