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Tuesdays with Mr. Kolar

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Having a great time with my friends Mr. Kolar, Abigail, and Sarah

All day today, June 21, the feast day of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, I’ve been thinking about my friend Mr. Bill Kolar. He lived in the neighborhood since the time it was founded in the late 1940s. He came to visit every Tuesday morning, for several years. Faithfully, rain, snow, or shine, Mr. Kolar would drive up (or be driven up) faithfully, to my house just a few blocks away – – and when the weather was bright and sunny, I often got to roll up and visit him. We had some very interesting conversations ranging from the difficulties of everyday life, politics, the Church, and how to treat people well. I loved listening to the exciting episodes he shared from his time working in the FBI.

Mr. Kolar’s love for his family was evident from our conversations. And this love was extended even to me as he practicably adopted me as a grandson. One of the th threeif she was working that day. Sometimes we had Bible studies when Abigail joined us – – she was a Pentecostal, so let’s just say things got… rather interesting!. Later, he had another helper as well, Sarah.

Pretty much every year until his health declined, he came over to celebrate his birthday with my family and me. The first time we celebrated, he reintroduced me to Ledo’s pizza which originated nearby. I always looked forward to celebrate his birthday with him. This photo is from one of the times we had lunch together on his birthday— complete with his favorite cake. I think it is fitting that he was born on the feast of St. Aloysius who is known for having a pure heart. Mr. Kolar had a kind of simplicity that allowed him to befriend everyone he encountered. By now, he’s probably made friends with practically every Saint and Angel. Just thought I would share… If I’m not mistaken, he would have been close to 100.

(Originally written and posted to Facebook, June 21, 2021)

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