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She wants to be the Queen of your heart

Today, eight days after the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the Queenship of Mary. She is not a Queen in the cold sense of some kind of distant monarch who governs her subjects in a strictly authoritative sense. No, she is Queen Mother, one to whom you really want to give yourself entirely over to, a sovereign so full of sweetness, overflowing with love for her subjects, who are nothing more than her dearest children. This is exactly how I came to perceive her so many years ago. It was on the Feast day of the Queenship of Mary, August 22, 2000, and the days leading up to it, that I begin to love her and to take her as the Queen of my heart. If Jesus is the King of my heart, then Mary his mother is the Queen of the same.

When the angel Gabriel hailed the lowly young maiden from Nazareth, he saluted her as his Queen. He recognized and pointed out the sun she would bear would be great, he would have the kingship of David his ancestral father, and that his reign would never end. In the ancient Middle East, the mother of the King was recognized as Queen. As God who became man, Jesus is King by nature and by his victory on the cross and in his glorious resurrection; Mary is Queen through grace, a free gift to her, the one chosen to be Mother of Jesus, i.e. the Mother of God. Jesus wishes to establish his kingdom in the hearts of all—- and he wishes to do so by having Mary become the Queen of all hearts. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at, she wants to be your Queen and your mother. Join me in giving yourself to her completely, she wants to be yours with all that you have— even your sins. Your failures are jewels in her crown. Mary wants to be your Queen and your mother that Jesus may become ever more and more your King and Lord. When she is Queen of all hearts, the kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be established.

Take It from me – – there is no greater blessing or privilege than to have Mary as your Queen. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be free of difficulties and trials on this earth, but it does mean that you can experience joy in the midst of them, because Our.Lady strengthens the hearts of those who belong to her. She will guide your steps on the narrow path, like a child being led by his mother, if you happen to slip into the mire, she will pick you up and Immerse you in the fountains of Living Water. She won’t let you lose, because the Queen never loses the chess match.

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