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A Full Moon on Mary’s Birthday, and Good Health

The mother of the long awaited Messiah King is born this day! The beginning of the redemption of the whole universe began with the birth of Mary. Rejoice and sing: happy birthday Mary!

Tonight, as I write this, God has blessed us with a full moon. I am looking at it through my window. The moon is a wonderful sign or image of the Blessed Virgin Mary; just as the moon reflects the light of the sun with which it is perfectly illuminated, Mary reflects the light of Christ who clothes her with his radiant splendor. Mary was born to reflect the true light that illuminates the heart of every man. She is the dawn, the perfect prelude to the sun that casts out the darkness and brings healing in his luminous rays. Mary points us directly to Jesus. Her birth gives us hope of restoration, that all things will be made well.

It is interesting that September 8 is also the feast of Our Lady of Good Health (Our Lady of Velankanni). I am drawn to that title because I seek good health – – not just that of the physical order, because I know that it is not lasting, but that of the spiritual order, because it will never fade. Mary assists me in the frailty of my health, giving me strength in persevering. While I am still open to a radical spontaneous healing if it be the will of God, I am tranquil with the inner healing that he so readily wishes to give me. Because of the peace I have, I am pretty sure that he wills me to remain in my physical condition. He allows it, and so he gives me the strength for it. Most happily, he has given me Mary to console, reassure, and uphold me. She is constantly with me, and her beautiful smile encourages me to keep fighting the good fight. And with that, I say again, happy birthday to the Holy and Immaculate Mother of God!

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