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Blessed Carlo Acutis and his Witness of Childlike Holiness

There is much that can be learned from the example of those who are younger than us, especially children, if we but have have the humility to learn from them. Lately I have been learning from a 15 year old named Carlo whose life inspires me. He was just a regular kid who played video games, hung out with his friends, enjoyed soccer, and programmed computers. But there was still still more to him; he was deeply devoted to Jesus truly present in the Holy Eucharist and he had a great love for the blessed Virgin Mary whom he called the only woman in his life. I’m talking about Blessed Carlo Acutis; today, October 12, is his feast day. His life witnesses to the fact that it is possible to be holy in the midst of ordinary daily circumstances.

I didn’t get a chance to share this earlier, but I recently got the special privilege to spend a few moments before his relics. It was already quite a special day as it was the Feast-day of St. Therese, October 1st. At the National Shrine that day, the relics of blessed Carlo were available for the veneration. I knew that he was especially devoted to Eucharist (he created a website in which he documented Eucharistic miracles from all around and thought out history) so I asked him to share his love for Jesus with me. I also prayed for friends who rely on his intercession. In addition to holy Mas and Confession, being in the presence of this Holy kid was the highlight of my day. How was he Holy— what did his holiness look like?

Children seemcel to church— usually it seems to be the other way around with the parents insisting that the children must go to church. As a teenager his faith grew even stronger. He loved to spend time in Adoration. He remarked that when we spend time in front of the sun we get a suntan but when we sit in front of Jesus in the Eucharist we become saints. For Him the Eucharist Was the highway to heaven. When his wealthy parents asked him where he wanted to go on vacation he would always choose Shrines and locations of Eucharistic miracles. He witnessed his faith to his friends in simple ways. He would speak up for the truth in the class room. Courageously saying that abortion is murder. Often when his classmates were bullied, he defended them, even more so if they were physically or mentally disabled. On his way to school, he would see a homeless man moved with compassion, at age 12, he used his own allowance to buy him a sleeping bag. When his peers spoke about young women objectifying them, Blessed Carlo would correct them by reminding them that women are the temples of the Holy Spirit.

Blessed Carol’s spirituality was simple and straightforward like St. Therese, he lived as a child in relation to his father. Blessed Carlo never lost sight of the fact that God was his loving father. He brought virtue into everything he did. He loved to play video games but only allowed him to play an hour a week. He also recognized his tendency to over eat, so he began to eat in moderation. He did his best to practice self control even at that age. At the end of his life, Shortened by the onset of leukemia, he offered his suffering for the Church and for the Pope. Blessed Carlo wished to be buried in sneakers, jeans and a t- shirt. If I’m not mistaken his body in incorruptible. His funeral and burial were held in Assisi even though the Italian youth was not from there, because of his devotion to St. Francis. All in all his life inspires me and I wish to emulate him in my own way. Blessed Carlo Acutis pray for us.

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