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Gratitude for my Sister’s Life

Today is my sister’s birthday. We won’t say how old she is because that will just make everyone feel old, although, she’s actually pretty happy about her age. Anyway, we got to speak on the phone for a little bit. She expressed gratitude for her life, and for her vocation. I have mentioned to her that I actually prayed that she might give her life to God as a consecrated religious sister – – ironically, I should have been the last person to pray for such a thing because we were very close and had fun together. But I’m glad that I did pray for her and that she answered her call. There have been many amazing blessings and experiences she has had as a Sister of Life. She has touched so many people, especially dear pregnant women who were in need and their children, children who have made the world a better place by their existence. My sister is certainly grateful for her life and for her vocation, and so am I.

I am a beneficiary of my sister’s vocation to religious life. I never lost a sister – – I gained more than 100 of them! Because of her yes to God, practically all of the Sisters of Life pray for me with the utmost love. They are all members of our family; whenever any number of them are around, they come to visit. Anytime I am in need of serious prayer, my sister gets the word out to all of her fellow Sisters of Life. My family has received many graces because of our generosity in giving our sister to God. He is ever done in generosity. Christ is happy to call you see have her as his bride.

Looking back, as children, my sister was closer to God than I was. When she was 10 or 11, she went to Bible camp in the summer and came home with an arsenal of songs about Jesus and the Bible, some of which are embedded in my brain. At the time of her Confirmation, she actually picked a confirmation Saint – – whereas I had not picked one due to relative indifference. There are probably more examples I could give. I think of her closeness to God as a child when she tells me that I had a big influence on her. She says that she “mooched” off of my conversion experience in Lourdes. While that may be true, she influenced me and continues to influence me. When I think of my sister, I am motivated to become better and better because she relies on my prayers and cooperation with the grace of God. I must become the person my sister believes me to be. I must live a life of holiness. Christ wants it, others need it.

So yes, I am exceedingly happy and grateful for my sister’s life and for her witness to the dignity of life.

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