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The diabolical foundation for attacks on the generation of human life

The devil, the ancient serpent, hates material creation. He cannot stand the fact that God assumed to himself a material, human nature. According to a particular school of thought, God always planned to become man, even if the fall had not happened. Why? Because loves desires to be with the beloved. God so desired to be with his human creatures that he took flesh and blood to himself. He became a man, born of woman. In the beginning, God revealed this plan to the angels to test their obedience (obedience is evidence of love). Lucifer and one third of the angels could not abide the thought of worshiping a material God, a God who would become a human, born of a human mother. And so, “we will not serve” became their cry of disobedience and rebellion against God. The demons are bent, hell-bent, to do everything in their power to destroy humanity, to corrupt and deform, and spiritually disfigure bodily creatures whom God chose over the angels, creatures whom God chose to unite himself to.

This hatred for the Incarnation, this hatred for humanity, this hatred for women and their power to cooperate with God in bringing forth life, is the reason the demons orchestrate, facilitate, and promote the destruction of humanity and human reproduction. The devil hates women. He is at total enmity with Mary, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God. The evil powers of hell are responsible for inspiring the evil of abortion and the abuse and objectification of women. They hate human life with an absolute hatred. All this is to say that human life is an unbelievably great good, it is something that has been empowered with the Divine Life who is God himself. It attacked for this very reason.

May we all come to realize the unfathomable for love of God who chose to identify with us and elevate us to himself. May we come to realize the evil of every form and method of attack against life from conception to natural death. It is with this awareness that we can build and foster a culture of life that welcomes life out of genuine, sincere love. It is with this awareness that we can begin helping people, especially women who are hurting from falling prey and victim to ideologies and entire systems hell-bent on the destruction of life and love. This is not a political issue, but rather a cosmically critical reality affecting eternal outcomes and the very fabric of existence itself. Just some thoughts I’d like to share during this weekend of events such as the #MarchForLife, #walkforlife, #OnelifeLA

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