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Maria Vincit: The Holy and Victorious Name of Mary

Maria Vincit!

The name of a person expresses the “essence and identity and the meaning of [their] life.” That is why the Holy name of Mary so powerful. It is the name of the most perfect, all holy, pure and Immaculate mother of God. It is a most lovable name. It is the name of our mother.

Mary is the name of the one who is “younger than sin.” As is the case with her Divine Son, she has no part to do with sin, none whatsoever. Alongside her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary crushes the head of the infernal serpent, the enemy of the human race.

When the name of Mary is invoked, demons shudder and hell trembles! They fear Mary because she brought about the Incarnation and cooperated in Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross like only she could. The Redemption was their definitive defeat, and it was Mary who uniquely participated in it. She is the obedient daughter of God the Father, the loving mother of God the Son, and the faithful spouse of the Holy Spirit.

If the name of Mary instills fear in the powers of hell and evil, the name of Mary encourages trust and confidence in her children. How privileged to be among the children of Mary! She is is full of sweetness, hope, and love for those who call upon her. How can such a mother, overflowing with love, fail to run to the aid of the little child who cries out her? It is totally impossible. How she delights to listen to the repetitive refrains addressed to her in the holy Rosary. Each Hail Mary we recite is another “I love you.” How pleased Mary is to bring our petitions to Jesus and to “put in a good word” on our behalf.

I need to call her name constantly and incessantly: “Maria! Please help me; console me, comfort me, and give me hope. I give myself to you. I am all yours and all that I have is yours! Help me to do the will of God as you did.” Let me emphasize what I stated above: yes, the name of Mary is like honey to the tongue; and yet, it is fierce like “an army set in battle array!” In 1683, the Ottoman Turks sought to make up for their losses in one final attempt to take Europe, and to seize control of the holy Roman empire. It was a desperate situation. King Jan Sobieski of Poland, chosen to lead the Christian forces, made a pilgrimage to invoke the aid of Our Lady of Częstochowa. It seemed like the 11th hour when Sobieski and the awesome cavalry of winged hussars (known for their ferocious battle tactics and winged armor) brought the Holy Alliance to victory Invoking the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. As a result of the Battle of Vienna, the Pope established the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary to be observed on the Universal Calendar.

We are in the midst of a spiritual battle. With the holy name of our mother Mary upon our lips we can’t possibly lose. It will be for us, as Sobieski declared, paraphrasing a famous Roman, “We came. We saw. God conquered.”

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